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Brienne of Tarth

Current Designation: Player
Sis Strider, Rose Lalonde, Ashnari

Raks: 20
- Loose Clothing
- Conquest Glove
- Sword Belt

Power Rings Gained: None.
Memories Returned: None.
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Name: Aaron
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Contact information: [AIM] portaling
Other characters: Jade Harley (AU)
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Name: Brienne of Tarth
Age: 20s.
Subject taught: Knight Training
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire (Note: Brienne has not yet shown up in the televised adaption. I will be taking her from the book canon instead.)
Canon point: A Feast for Crows; Immediately after hanging.

Brienne is strong. You get that just by looking at her -- she's physically big and bulky, much larger than other girls her age (and larger than some men as well). It's been a part of her life for so long that she's just learned to live with it, tailoring her interests around the fact and doing things that other, more "standard" women in her society might not. Brienne is a knight: chivalry, politeness and a sense of justice runs deep in her mindset. Traditional women might be polite, but Brienne refuses to wear women's wear in most cases (unless forced) and prefers to think of herself as someone who puts justice and doing right above being proper. In this way, she's mentally strong as well -- she has stuck up for herself and her ideals countless times, and learned to cope with the snide whispers and angry remarks of women and men alike. She is an outcast in some respects, desperate for attention and respect, but refused them by polite society. Instead of letting it get her down, she gets over it; Brienne may feel uncomfortable when people say things about her, or make comments about her height, weight, and build. But instead of sitting down and crying about it, she brushes it off as if it's nothing, and uses the words to make her own mental fortresses stronger. Brienne refuses to let other people dictate what is good for her own life; she refuses a married life, with a husband and a subservient lifestyle, to take up a lonely life as a not-quite-knight. She isn't allowed to be a real knight, but she can be her own version, a slightly idealized, a little off the wall type of female knight.

Though she's strong, Brienne also has some faults. She's stubborn, not simply in the headstrong way, but in a way that makes her somewhat unapproachable to strangers. She's extremely devoted to her goals and ideals, and won't let anyone change them. If someone questions them, she will stubbornly repeat them for their sake, but refuse to change if they ask. She firmly believes that what she is doing is right, and won't make a decision unless she is 100% sure that the outcome will be good. She is, in D&D terms, probably something like Lawful Good. She abides by the rules set in front of her and won't break them. While she might not trust many people because of their motives, the people she does trust are people she would gladly die for, such as Catelyn Stark and Lord Renly Baratheon. She loves them deeply; her friends and comrades are friends for life, no matter what may be set upon them. Brienne will follow their direction even after their deaths (such as the direction by Catelyn to return Jaime to King's Landing and to keep the Stark girls safe, particularly Sansa). Brienne is also fiercely proud, both of herself (mainly, her maidenhead, which is still in tact) as well as her ideas.

But despite her strong figure and stance, she is still hurt by some things. When people who previously trusted her call her a kingslayer, that hurts more than she can express. Brienne's trust in her allies is so great that when it's questioned, she is hurt by these accusations. She thinks of everyone as an ideal; when people don't mold to the ideal that she makes for the world, it angers or upsets her. Her view of knighthood is also ideal. Knights should be valiant and never faltering, and she is affronted when any so-called knight is less than ideal. Her stubbornness can almost be considered somewhat naive in this sense, the way she puts everything in either black or white terms and expects people to follow. It's simplistic, but she holds to it in a way to keep her world from falling apart. And so far, it's actually worked! For better or worse, who can tell at this point. But she has gone to death and back for them, and she has not given up yet -- Brienne is stubborn to the end.

Name: Oathkeeper

Form: Two-handed Broadsword

  • Strength +10
  • Colossus
  • Galdr Recovery
  • Last Stand
  • Lonely Heart

Lost memories:
  • The color of Jaime Lannister's hair.
  • The way Renly died.
  • Why Tarth is called the Sapphire Isle.
  • How to sit properly in a chair.
  • The first name of Sansa Stark.
  • The challenge to claim her maidenhead made by Renly's men.
  • What happened to Jaime at the hands of the Brave Companions.
  • The swordfight between her and Jaime.
  • How to put on shoes.
  • What color the sky is.

[ The video turns on ridiculously close to the subject, revealing a horseish face drawn up in consternation. ]

I don't understand how this contraption is supposed to work... [ A large frown, and she holds it out from her face, inspecting it. When she realizes that it's on, she starts. A blush covers her cheeks ] Oh. Hello.

[ The language is awkward and stilted, but nonetheless polite. ]

I do not know where I am, but I must return home immediately. I'm searching for a girl, of three and ten, with auburn hair. If any of you have seen a maid of this description, please, let me know immediately. She is my sister, and it's very important for me to find her, as she's been missing for more than a fortnight. [ ...perhaps going home immediately wasn't a good idea. Brienne rubs her neck awkwardly, the skin still a little chafed from her hanging. ] Please. My name is Brienne, should you have need to find me.

[ A curt nod. ]

Thank you.

[ Also there is a thread between Daenerys and Brienne: Here! ]


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